Power 2 Change

SSEE FEDUp Rally-1

Singer Songwriter Elizabeth Edwards – 2015 FEDUp Rally at the Washington Monument – Washington D.C

Power 2 Change is Elizabeth’s website dedicated to the discussion of  recovery from addiction, the recovery movement and all the many related topics.  It is Elizabeth’s belief that one of the most important ways we can improve our own situation is to help others find practical solutions and to share what works from personal experience.

“The more we give voice to the ways we meet and overcome our challenges the better chance we all have at healing and moving forward in a positive direction with our lives.”

Elizabeth Edwards

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Click on the link below for the lyric to You’ll Always Be My Hero recently performed at the Fed UP Rally in Washington DC. The recording of this new song is currently underway. To be notified of it’s availability please join Elizabeth’s mailing list and or follow her on Facebook.

Hero Lyric